Fire Detection

Fire detection

The alarm signal for the presence of smoke with analogue optical detectors is the most modern in the market for this type of revelation. Unlike conventional equipment that merely transmits the alarm or rest signal to the management station, this type of detector is in constant connection with it. The connection between the control unit and the detectors is carried out by means of a two-wire loop which, through a special proprietary protocol, passes several signals of information, signalling, activation, etc. The detectors can transmit to the control unit variations of sensitivity, signals of malfunction, removal, increase of dirt, need for maintenance and other information. The Control unit acquires the data, processes it and behaves accordingly by determining the necessary operations necessary to inform the user and/or the person in need of the appropriate procedures.



Our Company boasts a consolidated experience in all types of plants with more than 1000 plants already built between civil, tertiary and industrial structures. For each type of plant, our technical department can provide you with the best value for money. The equipments used for the realization of our plants are always chosen among the leading manufacturers of the world market.
Our design and development firm is constantly engaged in market research to provide our customers with a cutting edge product that uses the most modern and advanced technologies. This allows us to boast a quantity of faults and false alarms extremely reduced with the consequent satisfaction of our Customers. The criteria to be followed for the construction, realization, operation and maintenance of anti-intrusion, antirapine, burglar and control systems are contained in the norm CEI 79/1-2-3. We also Remind that under the law 46/90, an electronic system can be considered as a rule of art if the CEI standards of reference have been complied with.

Detection of Gases And Toxic/Explosive Fumes

Gas detection

The technological evolution and the increasingly stringent regulations in the safety of domestic systems operating on methane gas or LPG have made possible the study and realization of gas leak detectors that are more and more able to make a significant contribution to Environmental safety.
On gas detectors, the IMQ mark identifies gas detectors made in accordance with current regulations and for which safety is a consequence of the choice of components and controls carried out during all phases of product realization.

Video Surveillance – CCTV

CCTV video Surveillance

The advent of video surveillance in the world of security allows us today to visually supervise a place in any part of the world with a simple click. GENE.SI. ‘S. Srl It is able to offer to its Customers this and more, exploiting the most advanced Ethernet technologies up to the use of the renowned and ultra-high performance fibre optic. Our CCTV systems are also able to provide alarm notifications of various types and can be interlinked with multiple intrusion detection systems thus obtaining a protection at 360 °.

Access Control

Access control

GENE.SI. ‘S. Srl It realizes access control systems and/or presences in order to offer a complete control of the utilities in environments where this is a necessary prerogative for the safety purposes. The possible solutions are varied and exploit different technologies. The system is then previously studied in order to provide the final Customer with the best solution both from the environmental point of view and logistics.

Centralization Software

CMS Supervisor

GENE.SI. ‘S. Srl It is able to design and implement all types of existing systems in terms of safety. For this reason, it now offers its Customers the possibility to centralise all the plants present in the same place or even in different places in the world, using a Centralized Supervisory software which has graphic maps and Interactive sensoristics that can simplify and improve safety in all respects.